Alyssa Snow

Alyssa Snow is a mama, entrepreneur, teacher, healer and certified business coach who has been practicing yoga and meditation for 17 years and teaching for over a decade.

Moving to Washington Heights, NYC in 2007 Alyssa was shocked by the lack of yoga options in the neighborhood. Always one to take things into her own hands; Alyssa opened MindBodySoul Yoga Studio in 2009. The studio began in a 500 square foot space with Alyssa teaching 14 classes a week by herself and has since grown to a 2000 square foot space offering 30+ classes with 10 teachers, teacher training, complimentary healing services and a gorgeous boutique.

While growing her business, Alyssa also grew her family. She is a wife and mother to 3 daughters (a step-daughter, a foster daughter and a biological daughter) and uses the tools of yoga and meditation to not only stay steady and graceful amidst the chaos of a full life – but to create her life like an artist creates on canvas.

Alyssa is a teacher and a healer and has created a 200-hour teacher training course. She is passionate about training new yoga teachers to teach from their authentic voice.

As an entrepreneur and Certified Manifest Method Business Coach, Alyssa is passionate about supporting women entrepreneurs like herself though this magical process of awakening into the knowledge that spiritual growth is business growth.

Alyssa's teachings have been influenced by various yoga and metaphysical traditions. From Kundalini Yoga to Shamanism– Alyssa incorporates all that she has learned and experienced in life. Alyssa teaches people how to unravel themselves from the chaos of their minds, sooth anxiety and stress to find joy, fulfillment and inspiration in the life they create for themselves.

Alyssa teaches people to live consciously. To awaken their inner wisdom through exploring space it the body and finding space in the mind. When we can do that; the impossible becomes possible.