Are you ready to take your business and your life to the next level?  

Clarity is the first step.  It is from clarity that the roadmap to success is paved.

Let's simply begin with a conversation about where your business is now and where you want it to be.  




Alyssa helps women entrepreneurs accomplish more by doing less.


To awaken their inner wisdom and infinite creativity by mastering the mind.  By understanding when to DO and when to BE. When we can do that; the impossible becomes possible. 

She works wonders with both your business and soul. It's why she started her yoga studio. Working with her guarantees that you'll come through with a better understanding of who you are, why you are here and how to accomplish your goals in a joyful, easeful and profitable way. Big task? Sure. Alyssa figured out this magic formula for her own business and life and wants to help other women thrive as well.

Looking for support making big leaps in your business?


As an entrepreneur and Certified Manifest Method Business Coach, Alyssa is passionate about supporting women entrepreneurs like herself though this magical process of awakening into the knowledge that spiritual growth is business growth. She has a holistic approach to business.  She works on a soul level; diving deep into life purpose, following joy and being present.  With a business degree in accounting/finance, 15 years of corporate operations experience and 7 years running her own brick and mortar business; she can help you create clarity and guide you through implementation of all business needs. 

Alyssa has been studying yoga and metaphysical traditions for over 20 years and teaching for over a decade.  She has written a yoga teacher training course and trains new yoga teachers to teach from their authentic voice.  She runs her successful business from a place of clarity and ease - marrying her technical business expertise and her spiritual mindset for phenomenal success.

Alyssa’s journey started when she realized there wasn’t a space that served her own needs. 


Moving to Washington Heights, NYC in 2007 Alyssa was shocked by the lack of yoga options in the neighborhood. Always one to take things into her own hands; Alyssa founded MindBodySoul Yoga Studio in 2009. The studio began in a 500 square foot space with Alyssa teaching 14 classes a week by herself and has since grown to a 2000 square foot space offering 30+ classes, teacher training, healing services and a gorgeous boutique.

Alyssa is a master manifester. She is an expert at applying focus to what she wants to achieve and then getting it done. No struggle or days of doubt. She can show you how to do that too. 

She’s uniquely qualified to help small business owners because she’s got a financial background and she’s built two thriving businesses and helped others do the same. Alyssa gets the financial and operational part of business building and incorporates it with her practical application of the spiritual practices that have helped her achieve her success.  

Alyssa Snow is a mama, wife, author, entrepreneur, teacher, healer and certified business coach who has been practicing yoga and meditation for 20 years and teaching for over a decade. 


As the owner of successful and growing brick-and-mortar business, she uses the tools of yoga and meditation to not only stay steady and graceful amidst the chaos of a full life – but to create her business and her life like an artist creates on canvas.