Hi! I'm Alyssa Snow.


My Story

Have you ever noticed that life is quite a bit more like a spiral than a straight line? Perhaps you find yourself coming back around to familiar experiences, each time, with a new perspective.

On my path, I have certainly found this to be the case. For a long time, I really did believe that I’d learn a lesson and just move on from it. But in truth, each important teaching has showed up again when it’s ready for further refinement. And although this spiral effect frustrated the hell out of me for a while there, I have started to recognize it's wisdom as themes have emerged along my journey over time.

For example, as a young person, I did a lot of work to re-pattern habits I’d learned or inherited from my family. In early adulthood, as I learned to manifest my dreams and experimented with how to exchange energy with those around me, my earlier habits re-emerged, giving me more opportunities to work on them with new tools.

Although I have been working with tools of enlightenment for more than 20 years now, I didn’t always know such things even existed. Fifteen years ago,  I was a single woman living in NYC. I was earning a respectable income in Corporate America when I felt called to begin studying yoga and meditation in an effort to let my heart lead me to my rightful place in this world.

And it did. Over the next decade, I married my husband, built a beautiful family, and opened MindBodySoul Yoga studio. Having accomplished my goals, my mind told me that I had it all and so, I should have been happy.

But I wasn’t.

In fact, I felt I was drowning.

Despite having everything I dreamed of, I did not feel free and I had no joy. I had conflict at home, strain at work, and was neglecting my self-care practices. I used marijuana to numb my negative feelings. I put on extra weight. I wasn’t present in my life. I felt like a hypocrite. I was wracked by guilt and shame.

Things got dark. And, often, it takes a plunge into darkness for us to seek the light. So I sought help. I hired a therapist. I stopped getting high. I recommitted to daily yoga and meditation. I worked with Shamanic Energy Medicine. I participated in plant medicine ceremonies. The integration of this many-pronged approach continues to unfold within me today.

I am a different person now than I was 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 1 year ago, hell - 1 month ago!  I feel more me and more free than I’ve ever been.


Now that I have reconfigured my daily life so that my spiritual practices and self care come first, my business is thriving, my marriage is strong, my children are happy, and my schedule feels easeful and spacious.

I got my joy back. And then some.

I share this all with you to demonstrate how my own journey of awakening has served to open me up. This journey reintroduced me to what makes me unique, which is exactly what makes me powerful. It’s returned my gifts to me. It’s awakened my super powers. It’s brought me to my true purpose.

And you have all this within you, too. You have your own super power and your own magical purpose. Even if you can’t see these or feel them yet, they’re there.

They may lie beneath ancestral patterns and defenses or physical ailments and limiting beliefs. They may lie beneath years of trauma and abuse. They may lie beneath self harming behaviors and addictions.


But I can see your light. I can see your magic. Even when you cannot.


That is MY purpose. I am here to see you safely along your own path. As you progress,  I’ll support you by offering all the tools I’ve learned so that you can swiftly bring your life into alignment with your greatest desires.


My offerings are a collaboration. Rather than commanding from on high, I provide support in the form of real-time, raw examples from my own life. If this sings to your heart, let’s walk and work together, side by side.

Professional Biography

Alyssa Snow is a passionate spiritual coach, yoga teacher and shamanic energy healer with more than 20 years of experience in the field of mind body therapeutics. Over the course of her career, she has helped thousands of clients discover greater alignment within themselves, within their relationships with others, and within the landscapes of their lives.

Alyssa combines her academic background in accounting and finance and her corporate operations experience with her life roles as a mother, a business owner, and a human being to offer clients a unique, real world approach to spiritual exploration.

She is the founder of MindBodySoul Yoga Studio in Washington Heights and the author of Yoga and the Process of Awakening. She is the lead creator in MindBodySoul Yoga’s 200 hour teacher training and is the host of Mind Body Soul Radio. 

Alyssa offers tremendous heart and the deeply practiced skills of space holding, shamanic journeying, mentorship, intuition, leadership, teaching, empowerment, and facilitation in all of her encounters.