The Process of Awakening

For many people, the practice of yoga is a form of exercise and an avenue to deeper relaxation that makes them feel great. For me, it is those things and more. For me and for many, many others – it begins a process of awakening.

The time I spend on my yoga mat brings me into deep awareness of myself. My time on the yoga mat is a doorway. My time off the yoga mat gives me opportunities to walk through that doorway.

My time on my mat begins my process of awakening. Awakening is a shift in consciousness that happens when our thinking and our awareness begin to separate. We are aware that we are not our thinking. We become aware of Presence – which is simply put, that which watches the thoughts.

Once this awakening begins, this doorway appears in the form of a different perception of our life stream. We now see our lives and the situations in our lives as opportunities for growth and further evolution of our consciousness. Which for me, simply means the ability to anchor myself in the present moment. This is all there is. From here, life unfolds and the support of the Universe is almost magical. But work has to be done in order to anchor ourselves in the present moment. This is yoga off the mat. In order for our minds to be able to settle in Presence – some layers of our being need to be addressed and some perspectives may need to be shifted.


My bedroom altar where conception took place  :)

My bedroom altar where conception took place  :)

I was on my yoga mat in my bedroom on a Saturday in September. My children were coloring, my husband was on his rowing machine and I was in my room practicing yoga. Finding silence and space in sensation. Finding silence and space in between the thoughts. I was in down dog and my mind sort of wondered – how can I help women feel this good? In an instant (and I guess this is what the new age peeps mean about getting downloads of information) an entire course outline just exploded into my mind. That is what it felt like. One moment I was experiencing the space in between my thoughts (with random questions floating around) and the next moment I was running to grab my journal to write it all down. This was the conception of the Empowered Woman Series.

The course is a six week journey on and off the mat. It is a process of awakening and it is deep, deep work. And while it is presented in a linear fashion; awakening is not a linear experience. This course is meant to be an aid for you in life, to come back to, again and again. Yoga practices, meditations, discussions and exercises are meant to support your process of awakening. We are monks without monasteries, living in chaotic modern times. Our chronic stress and unhappiness is an alarm clock meant to get our attention. Now is the time to wake up. Now is the time to live in joy. As Yogi Bhajan said “Happiness is your birthright”. Claim your happiness. Dive in.

If you would like more information on the course, including some sample videos, you can find that here.   

I welcome you to join the first week “Being” for free. Much can be gained from the simple work of strengthening our present moment muscle. No obligation - just sign up below and we will send the first week to you.  

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