Namast'ay In Bed

Last week struggling with some things, I wrote the following to our yoga community that resonated deeply with many of our students:

“If you follow this sort of stuff you may know that mercury goes retrograde on May 18th through June 11 used to joke that when mercury went retrograde the photo copier would stop working or my computer would crash. But a recent article in Elephant Journal goes a heck of a lot deeper and so much more interesting. A quote:

"Almost two weeks ago we had the edgy full moon in Scorpio, a time of death and releasing those things that were no longer serving us. If we had difficulty with the theme of letting go in any area of our lives, this Mercury retrograde will help us with the final stages. But, with the new moon in Taurus softening us all with a romantic blur, this letting go phase isn’t about what we are losing. This is all about what will be gained by letting go. It’s about having the courage to make the choice to move from one phase in our life to another, and letting the universe reward us for taking chances."

Does that resonate? It sure does with me. Without getting all TMI on you - there has been an elephant in the room of my life for a little while now. I have been not dealing with it, hoping it would just iron itself out.

But ironing itself out would not have given me the opportunity for the deep honesty and clarity that this situation required. Sometimes we need a push, and that push comes in so many forms. Maybe you have to move because your apartment prices rose up too high. Maybe a relationship ended that you were holding on to. Maybe a finances have to get worse so you take a good hard look at what you are spending and make different choices. Maybe a lot of things.”

Maybe you are at a fork in the road. You see choice. One road you have taken many times before. It's familiar and you know where it goes. It's the easier road in some ways because it is so familiar and well traveled. The other road is new. You don't know where it goes. It feels unfamiliar and scary. We know we have a choice to make. And choosing new takes courage.

So, while the theme is change – mercury retrograde is also about slowing the heck down. If change happened already and you are reeling; don't rush to move on to the next thing. Let the next thing come to you.

We should always be kind to ourselves but now especially, lets give ourselves a collective break. Slow down, smell the roses. Take a walk. Stare at the ceiling and listen to Jack Johnson (or your own happy music) or have a dance party with your kids. We know change is happening and we know we need to gather our courage but thinking about it 24/7 will just make the experience harder.

So close your eyes and see where you want your life stream to take you. You know your choice. Make your decision. Then go out and play. Or go back to bed. Above all – know its all going to be alright!

Alyssa Snow1 Comment