Savoring Life and the Gift of Sisterhood

 So you may have noticed, if you read this blog, I am woman entrepreneur. I wasn't always. I used to be a corporate girl. Finance and operations. But then with all the yoga I was doing I started to ask myself “what am I doing with my time?, what do I really want to contribute to this world”. I was so idealistic! I wanted to create a yoga studio with really affordable classes, jobs for teaches and healers, and a living for myself.

What I learned is that it was really, freaking hard. You know what else I learned? That running your own business brings up your STUFF. Have issues with self-worth? Gotta deal with that. Issues with perfectionism and control – totally gotta look at that. Issues with money and valuing yourself? Yeah- got to look at that too. Over time, the act of running my business became, and still is, fertile ground for my personal and spiritual growth. Once I figured that out – it was like the heaven's opened up for me. (in a good way.). Opportunities, people and ideas came flooding into my life that made the process of running the studio more easeful.

One of those was Savor the Success. An amazing community of high-caliber women who support one another in business and in life. I applied to be in a Savor Circle – which is an accountability and support circle (its lonely being an entrepreneur!). I have met amazing friends -that I know will be friends for life. And whats better – i've gotten better at business. Better at balancing business and my family. Better at taking care of myself and following my own advice. I've been a member for two years and I can honestly say it dramatically changed my experience with my business. PLUS I'm having fun with this amazing sisterhood of movers and shakers.

Why am I writing a blog about this? Because I KNOW there are self-employed and entrepreneur women in MindBodySoul Yoga Community. I want to know you and I want to support you. And I would love to introduce you to this Savor Community that has been such a blessing in my life.

Sound interesting to you?

Here’s a quick 101 on the powerhouse Savor Circles program:

  • Up to 6 women are matched according to business chemistry-- they hold each other accountable to achieve 90-Day Visions
  • Weekly accountability via virtual Monday and Friday check-ins with inspirational and motivational messages by Savor lifestyle brand founder Angela Jia Kim
  • Two mastermind calls per month with your Circle, your Board of Trusted Advisors -- PLUS 2 laser-focused partner calls per month
  • Each Circle is led by a President like me, who is an experienced Success Circle member and is mentored by Angela in the Presidents’ Circle (you can apply to become a President once you’ve been in Circles at least 2 rounds)

The next round begins Monday, February 2nd!

These Savor sisters will become your friends, connectors, accountability partners and collaborators, for life. Seriously, it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. As a President, I get to invite other amazing women into Circles. If you decide to apply to Savor Circles through my partner link, please make sure to introduce yourself to me so I can help you by making introductions or answering any questions!

Full disclosure: as a Savor President, I do receive a commission, which I use for my Savor Life fund--a fund specifically designed for self-care-- if you enroll through my link and are accepted into a Circle. Yes, I get paid to mastermind, to learn, to connect… and if you’re interested in learning how you can, too, just get in touch with me at

Either way - reach out.  I love supporting women - with spiritual growth, business, growth, personal growth.  All of it.  Let us uplift each other and have a great time doing it.

Alyssa SnowComment