Brown People are Beautiful, Mommy

“Brown people are beautiful, mommy.” This was my 5 year old daughter's response when I asked her why she painted her face with my contour kit make-up.

“Yes, they are. And so are peach people and tan people and all people. All people are beautiful.”

My dear community, this is important. An important question needs to be discussed. Why do people continue to kill each other on our planet?



Anger, hatred, bigotry, racism – they are all faces of fear.

Do you know what else?

It's taught. Fear is a learned response. We don't come into this world fearing and hating. We come ready to love and be loved.

And then life unfolds before us and many respond with fear. Many learn fear from their parents because their parents learned it from theirs..and so on and so one.

Fear. False evidence appearing real (I didn't make that one up).

Fear prevents us from seeing humanity in others. Fear blinds us to the reality of the Oneness of all life.

So here many of us are. Sitting here and watching horrific things happen over there.

How do we not feel powerless? How can we make it stop?

I could give you the uber spiritual answer – LOVE and prayer and seeing the oneness of all. And that is true and that is the starting point for sure.

Mother Theresa said “prayer without action is no prayer at all”. Prayer is not enough. Prayer without action are just thoughts in the wind.

Do you know what I think inspires action?

My answer may surprise you (life is a paradox, after all).



Let your knowledge that we are all ONE and your fear that this insanity will continue, drive your action.

Consciously directed anger can fuel the fire for change.

Do not remain silent when you see bigotry and racism in your community.

Do not support, with your dollars, businesses and organizations that are part of the problem.

Be VERY aware of who you are voting into office on a local level.

Volunteer for causes that promote peace and equality.

Teach your children compassion and empathy and gratitude.

Donate money, donate time, get involved.

Be the change you want to see in the world.


It starts with us. We create change by the decisions we make every single day. By how we live our lives, how we spend our money and how we raise our families.

So pray. Pray for peace. Pray for love to rule the world. Pray for health and prosperity and freedom for all.

Then, in big and in small ways, whatever you can do...go out in the world and help make it happen.



You are love incarnate. WE are love incarnate.

So let's shine.



Alyssa SnowComment