Compassion is the New Gratitude

I have received, this week, about four dozen emails (probably more) about gratitude.  And yes, because of Thanksgiving (Happy Happy, by the way!); that is the cultural focus.

But shouldn't we always be focusing on gratitude?  Yes.  It is the mindset of someone who understands that their thought and emotional projections create their experience; in business and in life.

When you feel appreciative; you experience much to appreciate.

When you feel gratitude; you experience much to be grateful for.

When you are in lack (I don't have enough money to cover my bills!), everything you see and experience will be a reflection of that belief.  You will see all you cannot do or have; rather than what is possible.

So.. gratitude, I think, is a daily practice.  Not one focused on once a year.

Another practice that is vital to our success in business and in life; compassion.  

It is also a new field of research studying how corporations do when they shift their ethics from pressure to compassion.  I'm sure none of you will be shocked that corporations that extol compassion and kindness for their employees thrive.  They thrive because their employees thrive.  They are happier, more engaged, more loyal and committed and much more productive.

And it can be practiced; cultivated. Because maybe it is hard to drum up compassion for a difficult client or vendor.  Sometimes compassion doesn't flow freely.  Especially now.  Especially when we have so many family, friends, clients and associates who we are realizing may see things VERY differently than we do.

So my loves, this is my gift to you today.  A powerful meditation technique to cultivate compassion.  

Wherever you are today, whomever you are with.  Remember to see the Light in them.  Remember that no matter what one's political or spiritual beliefs may be; they want to be well, they want to be happy and they want to be free from suffering.

Just like you.


Alyssa SnowComment