Focus on the LOVE


I have been thinking about two concepts written about in “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks.

Zone of Excellence and Zone of Genius.


The Zone of Excellence, as he defines it, is when you operate from that place where you are highly skilled. What you are really good at.


For me, that is business. Numbers, organizational systems, structures. It's my degree and much of my professional career. I built a successful yoga studio. I like business, it's fun and i'm good at it.


Zone of Genius, as he defines it, is where your true calling is found. This is when you LOVE what you are doing. When you lose track of time, when “work” doesn't feel like work. When it energizes you, inspires you feeds your very essence.


For me, that is teaching.


And my experience in life now is diving more deeply into that. What do I want to teach? Yoga classes? Yes, but no. Teacher Training? Yes but not all of it. Business?  Yes, but no.


I'm zoning in on something here. It's formless right now, mysterious. Like a word on the tip of your tongue.


I don't know what is next. I'm not sure. I'm practicing being comfortable with that.


And meanwhile, while I practice being comfortable in not having a clear target for my intention; I'm practicing doing what I LOVE. And acknowledging what I love.


**I love MindBodySoul Yoga Studio.**

**I love the community of souls I teach and work alongside.**

**I love being surrounded by those who want to immerse themselves in expanding their awareness, evolving their consciousness and awakening in their life.**

**I love teaching consciousness and mind and the energetic projection of our thoughts and beliefs and how that creates our life experiences.**

**I love becoming aware of patterns and unraveling them. I love doing this for myself and teaching others how to do this for themselves.**

**I love getting to the heart of things and being able to authentically communicate this without discomfort (mine or others).**

**I love writing to you all about all of that!**


So here I am over here focusing my attention 100% on what I love.


And I trust that my contribution to the global conversation of healing and consciousness will become obvious (to me).


WhatI I'd like to know is are you doing what you love?




Are you doing what you “should” do?


Are you doing what you feel “obligated” to do?


Are you doing what you think others want you to do?


Do you LOVE what you are doing?


If not, can you let it go?


Or can you make it fun? We should do laundry but may not love it. Can we fold clothes while watching our favorite show? This is what I do.


Can you clean the bathroom listing to Pharell's Happy? I totally recommend this song for any non-exciting activity.


How can YOU infuse more LOVE in your life?


Alyssa SnowComment