I have a metaphysical team? Whaaaaat?

Like many of you, the last few weeks for me as been challenging.

I have found myself revisiting questions that I thought I had answered already:

What am I doing?

Why am I doing it?

What on earth am I supposed to do right now?

And I realized (again), as I swirled in a state of self-inflicted anxiety, that I was a control freak.

My pattern is to try as hard as possible to control the result of any and every action.

This pattern is tough nut to crack, I tell ya.

Here is an example:

I just purchased a house. The last 2 months have been a fire-storm of renovations and legal issues. I have my dream house!!! Yay! And I can't move into it yet. Boo.

So, in addition to having two businesses to run, and three kids to care for (and a dog), most of my headspace has been occupied with this house.

This is where I am. My present moment. My reality.

And everything was going okay(ish) until I realized that I needed to take $5,000 from my line of credit to cover operating expenses for my business.


That hasn't happened in over a year.

So what did I do? My mind went into problem solving mode. Let's have a sale! Let's do a, b or c to drive cash sales!!

Let's do it NOW!

(It should be noted that there is nothing wrong with problem solving mode, per se; but it is really key to be aware of the mindset you are operating from when seeking to solve a problem.)

I was not in a state of love. I was in a state of fear.

I was taking action (having a sale) for fear that I would not have enough cash to cover my month.

This was not inspired action. Action from a place of excitement and potential. This was me pushing and pushing to get a result.

This was not trusting.

This was not allowing.

This was not flowing.

So I stopped.

When I realized where this action was coming from (fear), I let the plan go. I took a breath and looked carefully at my numbers.

I looked at the reality of where I was and what I could reasonably expect based upon historical evidence. I realized I did not need a sale.

It was tight but it wasn't dire. Mind mind was making it dire. This was just a dip. Dips aren't dire.

So then what?

I double-downed on my love and trust.

And my business coach gave me an amazing reminder:

I have systems and processes in place that work. I have a physical team of employees that work for me and do an amazing job.

I also have a metaphysical team that I have not been using (whaaaaaaaat?)

What does that mean? Who are these spiritual advisors? 

They are here to help me surrender.  

They help me to place my trust in the Divine.  My mind likes to take action; so in order to satisfy that need and so cultivate trust and surrender; I call upon my Angel Team.  

For my metaphysical marketing director: Please find my ideal clients and make them aware of me and my services. I have the ability to be of service and help solve real problems for entrepreneurs. Help the right people find me so I can do that!

For my metaphysical sales team: Please help close sales around coaching and memberships.

For my metaphysical finance team: Please help to create a seamless flow of cash in and cash out the door. Help for the incoming cash to exceed the outgoing cash for greater ease for all involved.

And please give me a JOLT of inspiration when action on my part is called for (like I'm having right now, writing this to you).

Make it be obvious.

You see my friends, you can be physical and metaphysical. You can be grounded and angelic. You can be spiritual and ambitious. You can be a numbers geek and say things like “vibration” and “flow” and “God”.

You can be all of it.

We can, and should, connect ourselves with the “seen” and the “unseen”. The “seen” is only a small part of the equation. It is the “unseen” that holds the real power.

What is the “unseen”? Your intuition. Your heart. Your soul. Your Essence. Whatever you choose to call it.

You know what I mean.

And it is to this Essence within me, I surrender.

Because, I can only do so much. And if I try to do it all; I'm anxious and unhappy.

And if I am projecting anxiety, I will experience lots to be anxious about.

If I am projecting trust and ease, I will experience lots to be trusting and easeful about.

So coming back to the big question:

What on earth am I supposed to do now?

Since what is in front of me is stuff to do with my house: I'll do that.

I will do what is RIGHT in front of me. And I will do that with full heart.

What about everything else?

I'm giving that to my team. Physical and metaphysical.

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