Knowing our Mission

The world is on a wild ride this week. How are you doing?


I'm noticing a lot getting stirred up. Fear, anger, frustration, sadness. Whirlwinds of it; especially on social media.


Since frustration, anger and sadness are faces of fear; I think it is important to discern when fear is useful for the evolution of our consciousness and when it is not.


The body cannot tell the difference between the fear that happens when we are held up at gunpoint or the fear that happens when we are THINKING about horrible things happening to us. The chemical response is much the same.


So when we read about all the things happening politically, our minds dive right into that story (the story dishonesty, discrimination, bigotry and hate) and BAM – we are scared and stressed.


So when is this fear that happens from THINKING useful? It's not. Especially when it results in just more thinking (and anxiety).


When this fear starts to ignite a desire to rise up and speak out and create change through participation and service and yes, our businesses, then abso-freaken-lutely - fear is useful.


It is important to remember, however. Fear has it's limits. After we use it to ignite us, the intention of our actions must change. We must use our voices not from fear of what will happen if we don't; but in the power of love to create the world we want to live in.


We want to live in a world where all beings are equal. Where there is no poverty. Where we all have loving homes and communities. Where there is no violence and discrimination. Where compassion and empathy are the guiding qualities of our leaders.


So use fear as an alarm clock to wake you up. Envision the world you want to live in and get to work in creating that. Get quiet and feel your soul guide you to your unique mission.  You are here to add your special sauce to this world.  


For me:

  • I am called to create a home for healing. A home base for spiritual warriors to lay down your swords and rest.
  • I am called to hire and mentor women who are committed to the process of their own awakening and the discovery of their calling.  
  • I am committed to helping anyone who wishes to deepen their spiritual experience in life, in running their business or in experiencing painful and scary transitions.
  • I am called to raise my daughters to lead with compassion and kindness and tenacity.
  • I am called to be a foster mother to girls both in the US and in Kenya to shift they cycle of poverty and abuse; one girl at a time.

I am called to remind you that you rise up in the name of LOVE. And to keep your eyes on that prize.

I ask you, what is your calling now?  What is your Soul urging you to do?

Alyssa SnowComment