When it all Goes Wrong

I have a juicy story for you today.

We have finally moved into our house! It has been an interesting experience. Let me share the timeline:

June 2016 – Offer accepted on house

August 2016 – Right before close, we learn house has no heat (gas) hooked up

Sept 2016 – Seller puts $25k in escrow promising that Con Ed is about to turn on the gas. We close in good faith thinking we are days away from moving.

Oct 2016 – We are living in boxes (we packed in August, you know) and find out that the gas lines were installed by unlicensed plumbers so Con Ed is most certainly NOT about to turn on the gas (and it will take 2 months to fix the problems)

Nov 2016 – We buy wood pellet stoves and move on in.

Since arriving a few days ago the following has occurred:

  • We find out the bathtub is draining into the wall

  • The dishwashers are not hooked up to water

  • When you flush the basement toilet it comes up in the bathtub

  • The basement flooded with two inches of water.

Are you wondering how I am doing?

There are two mindsets I could adopt.

I could adopt the “everything is a fu$king disaster” mindset. That would lead to the ongoing internal story of everything that has gone “wrong” in the last few months. That negative thinking would lead to an increase in anxiety, which would lead to an increase in my blood pressure, which would result in lower immunity and cognitive function (hello brain fog!).


I could adopt the “isn't this fu$king hilarious” mindset. Look at all these things that happened that are COMPLETELY out of my control. Look what happens when the cast of the movie Dumb and Dumber renovates a house! I'll just pour myself a(nother) glass of red wine and sit in the cleanest part of my house and watch Amy Schumer and thank God for the $25,000 escrow.

When things go “wrong” our mindset controls the experience we have with it all. Can we focus on all that is right? When we can't locate what is right, can we lean on that metaphysical team for support and trust that it will all be okay?

It is like this in life and it is like this in business. Master of our mindset is, in my opinion, the A#1 skill that will keep you not only successful but happy – when things go wrong and when things go right.

I welcome you to have a non-judgmental analysis of your internal dialog. What is your go-to mindset when things go wrong?

In order to master our minds – we have to know our minds.


In order to master our business – we have to stay internally steady through the ups and downs.


Because life and business is a roller coaster.


Can you raise your arms and scream....whooooooooohooooooooo!!!!!!


Enjoying the ride...

Alyssa Snow1 Comment