Are you ready to create a clear and exciting vision of a future that feels amazing?

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely and scary.

And that is no fun.


For an soulful entrepreneur, there is no separation between life and business. When we want to grow our business to it's greatest capacity, we have to grow ourselves accordingly.  That means mastering our mindset and taking care of ourselves.  For real.

Running a small business is hard. We need to get support from someone who has “been there and done that”, who has proven skills, knowledge and experience.

I am not your typical business coach


I was a corporate girl.  I was rocking an amazing career in finance and operations but I wasn’t happy.  I wasn’t fulfilled.  I wanted to be excited about what I contributed to the world.  I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. Yoga and meditation had a huge impact on my life.  It brought me clarity and happiness and a sense of magic.  I had a vision of creating a yoga center that would offer all the amazing tools and techniques that helped me along the way.  

So I made the leap.  I left a 6+ figure job and I opened a yoga studio. I built it from the ground up. I started by teaching all the classes myself and now I run a studio with 19 teachers, healing services, teacher training programs and even a boutique. It is thriving, profitable and growing. It is my vision manifest.


I can show you how to make your visions manifest.


We will take your vision and create a tangible, linear plan for it’s creation. Because, clarity of vision allows you to take focused action. Results will always follow.

We will create a blueprint with actionable steps that lead you right where you want to be. You will save time and money because you won't waste time. You will learn how to enjoy the process of creation.  No anxiety.  No stress.  

And because you have less stress, you will see better results more quickly.

That’s the natural outcome of taking action in alignment with who you are. When you truly embrace your purpose and you step in the flow of your life, you are supported.  

Life and business is easier.

This is truly possible. I do this and want to help you do this too.

Take the first step today and start experiencing results. You owe it to yourself to embrace the power of what is possible in your business and in life. 

Are you ready to start?