Yoga & The Process of Awakening


Transformation is possible

Do you notice recurring themes in your life?
Stress? Anxiety? Regret?
Conflict with loved ones?
Money issues? Low self-worth?

Yoga & the Process of Awakening teaches you to use your life experiences as a means to release stored, patterned mental and emotional energy. 

If our mental and emotional energies are blocked we feel stuck, fearful, and unhappy.

Our life experiences are our teachers. Our responses to these experiences create the themes in our lives. These themes then create our life experiences. It becomes a loop. When we become aware of the themes, we control our responses and thus stop the loop.

Using the practices, tools, and techniques within this course, you will learn how to release these blocks for good and flow into a state of wisdom and awareness, enabling you to create permanent change in your life.

It’s time to love your life.

Yoga and meditation has changed me both mentally and physically. As a crazy, busy Mom to 4, managing a home and running a business, I never allowed myself any self-care. On the urgings of a business coach I incorporated yoga into my life and it has been life altering. Yoga changed me so much that I recently completed my Yoga Teaching Certification program, with Alyssa. There is no one else I would have wanted to learn from and be my guide and mentor through my own process of awakening. I’m truly grateful to Alyssa!
— Kate S.
Alyssa is a nurturing and joyful teacher. Her attention to technical detail, understanding of individual differences, and reflective meditation guidance make her classes truly transformative.
— Sarah W.
Alyssa Snow makes a huge positive impact on my life through her contribution to yoga, by creating space for me, physically and mentally, to recognize and be present in my body, which has made me emotionally and physically healthier, happier and whole. Her loving, clear instruction and unique style continually challenges me to go deeper into my experience and express my authentic self. I have learned so much from her and have benefitted from what she has beautifully created and maintains.
— Jane L.
Encouraging, understanding and kind are all words that would describe Alyssa’s being and aura. Alyssa is able to guide a person in finding their own truth and acceptance with ease. I have found so much comfort in my relationship with her. There is a comfort and trust that emanates from some people and Alyssa is one of them.
— Katrina M.

The self-directed six-week online course includes:




Six One Hour

Yoga Videos


Guided Audio Meditations


Print Ready
Journal Pages

Week 1:  The Importance of Being

Week 2: The Power of Awareness

Week 3: The Attitude of Gratitude

Week 4: Understanding the Energy of Emotions

Week 5:  The Art of Visualizing

Week 6: The Practice of Patience


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