Soul-Inspired Private Business Retreat

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As entrepreneurs we know that we need to set aside time to focus on our long-term planning and goal setting.  

We know that all we have to do is pick a day and block off a few hours to focus solely on the next steps of our business


We also know that giving ourselves that space is difficult.  

Do you long for a day only for you?  

A day to  have focused attention on you and your business


Some of our best ideas come when we are relaxed and our mind is clear.  Free from distraction we can allow our minds to blissfully dream. 

During our luxurious Soul-Inspired Retreat we will give you some well deserved self care.  A day for just you. 


Not only will we give you some much needed pampering but we will give your business dreams some special care as well. 


Your Soul Inspired Retreat Will Include: 

Two hours of goal setting, blue-printing and masterminding business and personal goals with me.

A personally designed spiritual practice that works for you and your lifestyle.  This includes yoga videos, recorded audio meditations, mindset exercises and practices and other resources.

60 minute yoga class followed by a 90 minute massage

Catered Organic Lunch

Your retreat will be on site in my beautiful MindBodySoul Yoga Studio in NYC.