Unlike other teachers (including many of my own), I make no claims about my own enlightenment. I am not a guru. I don’t believe in a spiritual hierarchy and don’t perceive myself to be “higher up” or “further along” than anybody else. 

Rather, I’m a fellow seeker and a curious human being. 

Firsthand, I know how it feels to feel lost.

I know how it feels to be addicted.

I know how it feels to look in the mirror and think….ICK.

I know how it feels to be stuck in patterns and belief systems I can’t see myself out of.

I also know how it feels to break through all of that. And I can’t wait to help you experience this kind of sustained ease, satisfaction, and empowerment!

So in work with my clients, I walk alongside you, in dialogue. My offerings are a collaboration. Rather than commanding from on high, I provide support in the form of real-time, raw examples from my own life. If this sings to your heart, let’s walk and work together, side by side.