What you dream for yourself is possible.


The practice of awakening by examining and deliberately changing life patterns is no small undertaking.

Many of us are trying in earnest to improve our lives and of course we make strides, often in one area - for example, our physical health - only to find that we continue to feel uncomfortable or unfulfilled in other areas - such as intimate relationships or livelihood. 

To achieve and sustain lasting alignment of mind body and soul, nonjudgemental, experienced guidance, support, and encouragement can be invaluable. 


How we work together depends upon you and what you need.

And it all begins with a conversation where I will ask you to go deep and get real about what you are seeking.

I will help you create intentions and goals for our work together.

You will be given practices and techniques to do that support the work we do together.

I will hold you accountable.


Tools I use and/or will teach you include
(but are not limited to:)

Hatha Yoga
Kundalini Yoga
Lineage Re-Patterning
Limited Belief Re-Patterning
Self Care Support
Shamanic Energy Healing and Journeying

A spiritual mentorship is a deep process that can create lasting change - but you must do the work. This mentorship is a three month commitment. The investment is $1,500.

This program is by application only and if accepted you can expect the following for your investment:

  • We begin with an initial conversation to help you see where you are and gain clarity on where you would like to be. 

  • We begin to create a map or a blueprint for the work we will do together for three months.

  • We meet together in person (or on skype) twice monthly for 90 minutes. Those sessions can incorporate any of the above depending upon what is needed and is most useful.

  • You will receive daily practices and be assigned meditations, affirmations and other exercises that help move you toward your goals.

  • I am available via text and email for support and guidance outside of our in person meetings.
  • You will have access to my studio for unlimited yoga classes and a monthly massage (valued at $189/month).
  • You will have access to my library of online yoga videos and meditation videos.

What People Say About Working With Me:

Alyssa has a way of taking you to places within that you need to see, with compassion and a spiritual integrity. She is wise, a keen listener, experienced in a range of healing disciplines, and someone I trusted with my core. So much respect for the work she does, and blessed for how she helped me.
— Todd Nicholson
I can’t thank Alyssa enough for all the gifts she has given me and I recommend her so highly to anyone who wants to release old patterns of thinking, build confidence and gain clarity to kick their life into high gear!
— Kate Schell
For the past year I have been working with Alyssa one on one. The sessions often bring up emotions that I’ve kept inside for years. As difficult as this is, I am able to talk through the discomfort, and manage to walk out the door in a better place. I have to say, that after years of treatment and teams of multiple doctors, I feel that my sessions with Alyssa are more productive and leave me feeling more hopeful at the end of the day. I would recommend Alyssa to anyone looking to find peace and balance in their life.
— Meagan LaDue