Being an entrepreneur can be lonely and scary.

And that is no fun.

It's hard to be soulful when you are stressed.


Excelling in business is possible without working yourself to the bone and losing your connection to your soul. In fact, Alyssa can help you follow your bliss and have successful business results at the same time. It really is possible. All you have to do is take the first step.

Alyssa will be there as a teacher and coach to make sure you see the results you desire while embracing a life you love.

You can be a POWERHOUSE and be SOULFUL at the same time.

Even if you aren't into looking at running a business as a spiritual experience – most entrepreneurs need help. Running a small business is hard. We need to get support from someone who has “been there and done that”, who has proven skills, knowledge and experience.

For an entrepreneur, there is no separation between life and business. When we want to grow our business to it's greatest capacity, we have to learn to get our of our own way.  And choosing the right business coach can do that.

As a business coach who runs two profitable businesses in an easeful and happy way - Alyssa will: 


Help you feel in the flow of your life, inspired and filled with clarity and abundance.

 Help you gain a clear understanding of what you goals are and a clear blue print on how you are going to achieve them.

Give support and be a powerful team member who is on your side.

Need expert strategy, problem solving and skills and knowledge?

With over 12 years experience in corporate finance and operations,

Alyssa can offer you powerful, hands-on business consulting in all areas of your business

Teaching yoga and meditation for over a decade,

Alyssa can teach you the tools and techniques to help you master your mindset.

Because when we master our minds, we master our life.


Schedule a 30-minute call with Alyssa.

What do YOU need? Where is your business now and where do you wish it to be?

The first step is clarity.  Which seems so simple, but is not.  From clarity we can create a roadmap to success.

Success looks differently to different people.  What does it look like it to you?

Let Alyssa help you make that happen.

Your first call is complimentary, of course. 

The right coaching relationship will really move the needle on your business and your life.

 Want to test the waters?  

Just looking for a WHOPPING dose of focus and direction.  

Need a masterminding session and clear executable plan for a business puzzle?

Schedule a clarity call and come away with a clear blue print to achieving a particular goal.


You had a vision. It came from deep within you. You felt compelled to put it out in the world. You are fueled with passion and joy for your vision.

With that experience there remains passion and joy but it is also now introduces:

Stress and anxiety


Self doubt, over-thinking and second guessing

Conflicts with loved ones

Issues regarding money and how we value ourselves

Issues with self esteem and how we put ourselves out there

The tension of being so many things to so many people 

Exhaustion and lack of self-care.

The truth is, when we don't take care of ourselves, our business suffers.  

Experience how spiritual growth leads to profound business growth

his life changing journey will require that you unapologetically 


Master your mind.  Cultivate awareness of self.  Develop the mindset of a master. 

Learn how to use your emotions and your imagination to create the life you want to live.

Understand and experience the power of surrender.

This is a deep 12-month intensive coaching course with 24 coaching calls.  We will utilize meditation, yoga, deep introspection and personal exercises and practices that create profound change in your life and business.

Part mindfulness training, part yoga therapy, part business coaching.  

100% life changing. 

This 12 month coaching package includes a private retreat with masterminding and coaching, yoga, massage, and catered lunch.