Yoga & the Process of Awakening is a nonlinear approach to life that facilitates the release of stored and patterned mental and emotional energy. The release of this mental and emotional energy leads to a wisdom and an awareness of the value and importance of our life experiences.

It is our life experiences that are our teachers. It is how we respond to our life experiences that becomes the themes in our lives. These themes then create our life experiences. It becomes a loop. When we become aware of the themes, we control our responses and thus stop the loop.

The Process of Awakening is experiential, utilizing our human experiences and the tools and techniques of yoga and meditation.

In her honest and oftentimes vulnerable voice, teacher and entrepreneur Alyssa Snow examines what this Process of Awakening looks like using her own life experiences of building a business and a family. 


I loved this ebook. I was fortunate to go through the live coaching program with Alyssa Snow and her content is really inspiring and thought provoking. Her ebook is just as amazing! She brings her knowledge and expertise of Yoga and Meditation and offers tools and strategies to bring awareness and mindfulness into daily life. Our day-to-day lives are so busy and overwhelming. Yoga has helped me refocus and open up and allow calm into my life. Thank you Alyssa for this work!!
— Kate S.
Sound advice & simple, effective strategies for finding more peace within ourselves. The author ( a yoga instructor, studio owner & coach ) is relatable. She is down to earth. She is honest. She is us. She does not shy away from holding herself up as a gleaming example of the roller coaster ride of failures & successes of which she describes and how if we can learn to rotate our perspective a little the outcome can be so different and the journey can be so rewarding. The author reminds us that the steps she lays out are not a linear pursuit but more a multi-dimensional approach that we keep attuning with on a daily basis. This little book carries a big message. Committing yourself to change.
— Colleen K.