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Align your heart and mind with the light of your soul. Learn to surrender instead of control.


What People Say

Alyssa Snow makes a huge positive impact on my life through her teaching of yoga, by creating space for me, physically and mentally, to recognize and be present in my body, which has made me emotionally and physically healthier, happier and whole.
— Jane Lecroy
Alyssa is able to guide a person in finding their own truth and acceptance with ease. There is a comfort and trust that emanates from some people and Alyssa is one of them.
— Katrina Maloney
Alyssa is relatable. She is down to earth. She is honest. She is us. And she does not shy away from holding herself up as a gleaming example of the roller coaster ride of failures & successes and how if we can learn to rotate our perspective a little, the outcome can be so different and the journey, so rewarding.
— Colleen Kerns