You know nothing, Alyssa Snow

Like a song you can't get out of your head, this is what keeps repeating in my mind lately: You know nothing, Alyssa Snow.

Have you ever had this experience?

Everything is going fine. My business is thriving and may need a tweak or an adjustment here or there; but otherwise is flowing and growing well. My family is healthy and happy. I'm healthy and happy.

And I find myself without any external goal or vision to strive for.

This is a really uncomfortable state for my Ego so my Ego latched on to something it thought it could achieve; a deeper spiritual experience or practice.

So I found myself 3rd eye deep in spiritual books seeking to unearth the shadows to create a deeper connection to the light.

What I realized was that somewhere along the line, my spiritual practice had morphed into a self-improvement crusade. I unearthed the belief that if I didn't work hard for it; it wasn't successful. When it came to my business, this was an epiphany that changed the way I worked.

Now I realize that I've been doing the same thing with my spiritual practice. Working my ass off.

When I sought to unearth these “shadows” I realized that they were there for me to see all the time.

Impatience and lack of trust that it's all going to be okay (without me MAKING it okay). Anger; anger that things aren't EXACTLY how I want them. Disappointment in myself for not doing “better”.

Here they were, and I was hiding them. Resisting them with positive thinking, prayer and general refusal to let them have a seat at the table. To exist.

I had an awareness that these emotions that I refer to as shadows are simply faces of my beautiful humanity. And in my quest to purge them; I've been denying aspects of myself that don't fit into the paradigm of “spiritual person”.

And denying parts of yourself that you don't like is hard work.

Because you see my friends, a “spiritual person” is patient. A spiritual person ALWAYS trusts that its going to be okay. A spiritual person doesn't get angry. A spiritual person accepts herself and her life exactly as it is....all the time.

Yeah, um, totally got that one wrong.

In my earnest quest to be all “spiritual”, I've been denying aspects of my humanity. I have been withholding compassion to the deepest parts of myself that are starving for it.

Light and dark are two sides of the same coin. It's become so deeply clear that I cannot love and accept myself completely until I also accept and love the aspects of myself that I perceive as negative.

And stop working so hard at it. Just accept. Just be. Just fucking relax, already.

You know nothing, Alyssa Snow.

But my soul knows. My soul knows that underneath this feeling that I know nothing (which is really just a sign my ego is stepping aside a bit more) that at the deepest part of me, I know what I need to know to fulfill my destiny.

And not knowing is the beginning of a magical journey...somewhere.

As I said, I don't know.

And that is FINALLY okay with me.

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Knowing our Mission

The world is on a wild ride this week. How are you doing?


I'm noticing a lot getting stirred up. Fear, anger, frustration, sadness. Whirlwinds of it; especially on social media.


Since frustration, anger and sadness are faces of fear; I think it is important to discern when fear is useful for the evolution of our consciousness and when it is not.


The body cannot tell the difference between the fear that happens when we are held up at gunpoint or the fear that happens when we are THINKING about horrible things happening to us. The chemical response is much the same.


So when we read about all the things happening politically, our minds dive right into that story (the story dishonesty, discrimination, bigotry and hate) and BAM – we are scared and stressed.


So when is this fear that happens from THINKING useful? It's not. Especially when it results in just more thinking (and anxiety).


When this fear starts to ignite a desire to rise up and speak out and create change through participation and service and yes, our businesses, then abso-freaken-lutely - fear is useful.


It is important to remember, however. Fear has it's limits. After we use it to ignite us, the intention of our actions must change. We must use our voices not from fear of what will happen if we don't; but in the power of love to create the world we want to live in.


We want to live in a world where all beings are equal. Where there is no poverty. Where we all have loving homes and communities. Where there is no violence and discrimination. Where compassion and empathy are the guiding qualities of our leaders.


So use fear as an alarm clock to wake you up. Envision the world you want to live in and get to work in creating that. Get quiet and feel your soul guide you to your unique mission.  You are here to add your special sauce to this world.  


For me:

  • I am called to create a home for healing. A home base for spiritual warriors to lay down your swords and rest.
  • I am called to hire and mentor women who are committed to the process of their own awakening and the discovery of their calling.  
  • I am committed to helping anyone who wishes to deepen their spiritual experience in life, in running their business or in experiencing painful and scary transitions.
  • I am called to raise my daughters to lead with compassion and kindness and tenacity.
  • I am called to be a foster mother to girls both in the US and in Kenya to shift they cycle of poverty and abuse; one girl at a time.

I am called to remind you that you rise up in the name of LOVE. And to keep your eyes on that prize.

I ask you, what is your calling now?  What is your Soul urging you to do?

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How to Be a Great Leader

I had a fascinating conversation with my girls the other day.


Amanda (8) was telling Lily (5) and I about her friends. She named this girl and that boy, it seemed as if her story included at least 5 different kids.


I noticed that Lily had a sad face on and I asked her what was up.


She said “I don't have that many friends.”


I said, “Sure you do! What about Sage and Bella and Emily and Jean-luc and Arwen. Those are all your friends.”


She said, “yeah, but I don't play with them all at the same time. I only like to play with them one at a time.”


I kinda laughed and joked “Why because you can only boss around one at a time?”


“Exactly.” She said nodding as if I understood her completely.


“You have to let other kids be the leader too, Lily”.


“I know.” She responded. “When they want to be leaders I let them.”




When you are in Kindergarten, qualities like empathy and compassion and certainly patience are still being developed, clearly.


But this got me thinking about leadership and what it means to be a great leader.


Words like integrity, patience, open-mindedness, generosity, empathy, and compassion come to mind.


And what are those qualities anyway?


As my Spiritual Teacher Selina would say, they are faces of love.


A great leader leads with Love. 


I've found that to be a powerful and satisfying way to lead my studio. Every business decision is made from a place of compassion and generosity. Development and training of employees and teachers come from a place of patience and integrity. The intention is to love and to serve through yoga and healing. Every decision is made from that place.


Since I've begun to do this consciously I have noticed an enormous increase in abundance and prosperity and overall success in the business. It is a nice place to be. Students say this. Teachers say this. Employees say this. Heck; I work from the studio even when I can work from home. I just love it here.


Now, running a yoga studio is much different than running a country. People are generally more agreeable and much more like-minded.


We watched how hard it was for Obama to lead with love. Yet, he did. He did it with tenacity and grit.


Leading with love and also tenacity and grit.


Yes. That is it. That is what makes a great leader.


So here we are, many of us with some heavy hearts about who our new leader is.


Now we will see, what it looks like, in our culture, when a leader leads from someplace other than love.


We will see what happens.


Personal growth is uncomfortable because shit gets stirred up that we don't want to see. But it is the same for the collective. We can't purge what we can't see.


So now what needs to be purged has the proverbial spotlight. Has the Big Job.


And its our job as Leaders in our lives, businesses, schools and churches to Lead with Love with tenacity and grit.


Teach love. Vibrate Love. BE LOVE.


Love is more powerful then fear. Dont' fear the next phase. Embrace it. LOVE it for all it will teach you.


Love it for all it offers us to teach our children.


Because they will inherit the earth.


And love always wins.

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Focus on the LOVE

I have been thinking about two concepts written about in “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks.

Zone of Excellence and Zone of Genius.


The Zone of Excellence, as he defines it, is when you operate from that place where you are highly skilled. What you are really good at.


For me, that is business. Numbers, organizational systems, structures. It's my degree and much of my professional career. I built a successful yoga studio. I like business, it's fun and i'm good at it.


Zone of Genius, as he defines it, is where your true calling is found. This is when you LOVE what you are doing. When you lose track of time, when “work” doesn't feel like work. When it energizes you, inspires you feeds your very essence.


For me, that is teaching.


And my experience in life now is diving more deeply into that. What do I want to teach? Yoga classes? Yes, but no. Teacher Training? Yes but not all of it. Business?  Yes, but no.


I'm zoning in on something here. It's formless right now, mysterious. Like a word on the tip of your tongue.


I don't know what is next. I'm not sure. I'm practicing being comfortable with that.


And meanwhile, while I practice being comfortable in not having a clear target for my intention; I'm practicing doing what I LOVE. And acknowledging what I love.


**I love MindBodySoul Yoga Studio.**

**I love the community of souls I teach and work alongside.**

**I love being surrounded by those who want to immerse themselves in expanding their awareness, evolving their consciousness and awakening in their life.**

**I love teaching consciousness and mind and the energetic projection of our thoughts and beliefs and how that creates our life experiences.**

**I love becoming aware of patterns and unraveling them. I love doing this for myself and teaching others how to do this for themselves.**

**I love getting to the heart of things and being able to authentically communicate this without discomfort (mine or others).**

**I love writing to you all about all of that!**


So here I am over here focusing my attention 100% on what I love.


And I trust that my contribution to the global conversation of healing and consciousness will become obvious (to me).


WhatI I'd like to know is are you doing what you love?




Are you doing what you “should” do?


Are you doing what you feel “obligated” to do?


Are you doing what you think others want you to do?


Do you LOVE what you are doing?


If not, can you let it go?


Or can you make it fun? We should do laundry but may not love it. Can we fold clothes while watching our favorite show? This is what I do.


Can you clean the bathroom listing to Pharell's Happy? I totally recommend this song for any non-exciting activity.


How can YOU infuse more LOVE in your life?


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A different way to manifest...

Last week I shared with you some of my proud achievements for 2016.  

I shared that I manifested my visions from will and a combination of will and soul.

Today I want to share what happens when we manifest from a place of sheer will.


I haven't shared that for the last few years I've experienced chronic neck and shoulder pain that has come and gone but mostly gotten progressively worse.  

As a yoga teacher:

I yoga'd it,
I massaged it,
I acupunctured it,
I chanted it (seriously),
I plant medicined it,
I physical therapy(ed) it,
I chiropractored it...

And nada.  

So I MRI'd it.  Got the results this morning.  And lets just say I'm pretty seriously injured.  So much so that when I read the results my mind said two things simultaneously:

1) Holy shit I'm superwomen (to be functioning with all this going on).
2) Holy shit how did this happen?

And then it hit me. I know how this happened.  

When we create from the sheer force of our will, it requires such emotional and psychological effort that it damages the body.  

My ego's patterned lack of trust in the universe (heart center, shoulders) and lack of patience (neck) has caused me injury.  

What do I mean by "lack of trust in the universe"?  I'm uber spiritual.  I'm totally trusting.  Aren't I?  Well, I also have a really strong Ego.  And my ego wants to be SURE that desires are met.  Wants to CONTROL the outcome.  A lot.  

And what do I mean by "lack of patience"?  My Ego wants it in MY timing, not Divine timing.  

So. I had no accident.  I had no moment of injury.  There is no "physical" reason for this.  Truly.  

This is a different kind of injury.  A lesson.  A teaching tool from God.

And I share this with you for one important reason.  I am a teacher.  And I teach through my authentic experience and wisdom.  

I ask you - where are you manifesting through sheer will?  How is this showing up in your body?  It can start with just muscle tightness or chronic areas of discomfort.

How can you soften?  How can you just let it go and let the Divine steer?

I hope you continue reading of the next few months as I show you how I'm letting the Divine steer the ship of my life.

Both professionally and personally.

I think i'm in for quite a ride.  I hope to see you right along with me.

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Wouldn't it be amazing if......

I've been blessed to be able to take most of December off. And during this time, I've had some time to reflect on 2016.

It was a BIG year.


I published my first book, I bought my first house, it was confirmed that we can finally begin the process of adopting our foster daughter, my self-care took the front seat, business at the studio is better than it has ever been and I feel supported, both personally and professionally more than ever.


I have so much to be grateful for it is humbling. I bow in gratitude for each of you reading this; whether you know it or not, each of you has had a part in my big year. I thank you with my full heart.


My New Year's Ritual has been pretty consistent for the last few years. Focusing on what I wanted to create for the coming year. I take my journal and I write out everything in my heart that begins with:


Wouldn't it be amazing if....


It's a wonderful exercise that creates targets for my inspired actions.


In the past, I've had such a clear vision for what I wanted to create. It wasn't hard, it poured out of me. And the actions that followed felt purposeful, clear and fun.


However, this year, right now, I have to be honest; I don't have a clear vision on what I want to create.


I feel soft and centered and happy exactly where I am.


(Last year I wrote, wouldn't it be amazing to feel happy, healthy and fulfilled all of the time?).


So then what?


I'm sitting here, with a giggle, because my temperament is so forward moving all the time – the feeling of residing in the mystery of what is to come is foreign to me.


Yet it is no longer uncomfortable. For the last month, I've been getting more comfortable with it. Becoming profoundly aware that this is true trust. True surrender.


I don't know what 2017 will have in store for me, I am not sure what I will create and that is totally OK.


In fact, it's beautiful.


So my New Year's Ritual is simplified this year:


  • Wouldn't it be amazing if I felt happy, healthy and creatively fulfilled all the time.

  • Wouldn't it be amazing if I were to consistently be able to surrender into the mystery and the magnificence of what is possible when my Soul takes the lead (and not my ego).

  • Wouldn't it be amazing if I could help others feel as amazing as how I feel right now.


There are so many ways to create the life we want to live.


We can do so with our will,


we can do so with a combination of our will and our Soul,


and, we can do so with our Soul.


2016 I can honestly say was a combination of will and Soul.


2017 is the year I finally, 100% let my Soul take the lead.


Here is to magical, Soulful 2017.

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True Wealth

This was my most recent Monday.

I dropped my girls off at school and went to Toy's R Us and Target. I had their Christmas wish list in hand and was able to make wishes come true.

The school called to let me know that Amanda had a fever, so I went home, hid the gifts and went to pick up my daughter.

Putting her to bed, I curled up on my couch and watched an episode of WestWorld and then took a nap.

It was 2pm.

As I drifted off to sleep; I thought, someday came.

You see, for years I thought:

  • Someday I will be a mom.

  • Someday I will have a successful business that has systems in place so I don't have to work all the time (and can pick up my sick kids from school at a moment's notice).

  • Someday I will be able to purchase gifts without having anxiety about the price tags.

  • Someday I will be able to watch (guilt free) TV in the middle of the day AND take a nap.

  • Someday I will be wealthy.

  • Someday I will feel like all of my dreams came true.

I realized; this is what true wealth feels like. It is not about how much money I have in the bank or how much stuff I own. It is about how I FEEL.

How I feel about my life, how I feel about my business, how I feel about myself.

True wealth is living the life you want to live. Right here.  Right now.

Your business should exist to support you in life, it should not be that you exist to support your business.

I've been in the muck of it; with extreme financial pressure, tension at home, working 7 days a week with no paycheck, mama guilt, wife guilt, friend guilt...we'll just call that FREAKING GUILT and a basic life experience of pressure, stress and unhappiness.


Building a business is hard. And I made all sorts of mistakes because, frankly, I was on my own. I did not even realize there were mentors or coaches out there to help me. I didn't believe that I could even afford them. In hindsight, I would have saved thousands and thousands and more thousands of dollars if I had the support of someone who had been there, and done that.


But that's okay. My wisdom was hard earned, but it was earned. And someday came.


I'm on the other side of it and I'm here to tell you that this is possible. Someday will come and when it does, I pray you see it and bask in its awesomeness.


Bask in your awesomeness. We don't do that very much do we?

I hope 2017 is the year that you realize that someday is today. 

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When it all Goes Wrong

I have a juicy story for you today.

We have finally moved into our house! It has been an interesting experience. Let me share the timeline:

June 2016 – Offer accepted on house

August 2016 – Right before close, we learn house has no heat (gas) hooked up

Sept 2016 – Seller puts $25k in escrow promising that Con Ed is about to turn on the gas. We close in good faith thinking we are days away from moving.

Oct 2016 – We are living in boxes (we packed in August, you know) and find out that the gas lines were installed by unlicensed plumbers so Con Ed is most certainly NOT about to turn on the gas (and it will take 2 months to fix the problems)

Nov 2016 – We buy wood pellet stoves and move on in.

Since arriving a few days ago the following has occurred:

  • We find out the bathtub is draining into the wall

  • The dishwashers are not hooked up to water

  • When you flush the basement toilet it comes up in the bathtub

  • The basement flooded with two inches of water.

Are you wondering how I am doing?

There are two mindsets I could adopt.

I could adopt the “everything is a fu$king disaster” mindset. That would lead to the ongoing internal story of everything that has gone “wrong” in the last few months. That negative thinking would lead to an increase in anxiety, which would lead to an increase in my blood pressure, which would result in lower immunity and cognitive function (hello brain fog!).


I could adopt the “isn't this fu$king hilarious” mindset. Look at all these things that happened that are COMPLETELY out of my control. Look what happens when the cast of the movie Dumb and Dumber renovates a house! I'll just pour myself a(nother) glass of red wine and sit in the cleanest part of my house and watch Amy Schumer and thank God for the $25,000 escrow.

When things go “wrong” our mindset controls the experience we have with it all. Can we focus on all that is right? When we can't locate what is right, can we lean on that metaphysical team for support and trust that it will all be okay?

It is like this in life and it is like this in business. Master of our mindset is, in my opinion, the A#1 skill that will keep you not only successful but happy – when things go wrong and when things go right.

I welcome you to have a non-judgmental analysis of your internal dialog. What is your go-to mindset when things go wrong?

In order to master our minds – we have to know our minds.


In order to master our business – we have to stay internally steady through the ups and downs.


Because life and business is a roller coaster.


Can you raise your arms and scream....whooooooooohooooooooo!!!!!!


Enjoying the ride...

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Compassion is the New Gratitude

I have received, this week, about four dozen emails (probably more) about gratitude.  And yes, because of Thanksgiving (Happy Happy, by the way!); that is the cultural focus.

But shouldn't we always be focusing on gratitude?  Yes.  It is the mindset of someone who understands that their thought and emotional projections create their experience; in business and in life.

When you feel appreciative; you experience much to appreciate.

When you feel gratitude; you experience much to be grateful for.

When you are in lack (I don't have enough money to cover my bills!), everything you see and experience will be a reflection of that belief.  You will see all you cannot do or have; rather than what is possible.

So.. gratitude, I think, is a daily practice.  Not one focused on once a year.

Another practice that is vital to our success in business and in life; compassion.  

It is also a new field of research studying how corporations do when they shift their ethics from pressure to compassion.  I'm sure none of you will be shocked that corporations that extol compassion and kindness for their employees thrive.  They thrive because their employees thrive.  They are happier, more engaged, more loyal and committed and much more productive.

And it can be practiced; cultivated. Because maybe it is hard to drum up compassion for a difficult client or vendor.  Sometimes compassion doesn't flow freely.  Especially now.  Especially when we have so many family, friends, clients and associates who we are realizing may see things VERY differently than we do.

So my loves, this is my gift to you today.  A powerful meditation technique to cultivate compassion.  

Wherever you are today, whomever you are with.  Remember to see the Light in them.  Remember that no matter what one's political or spiritual beliefs may be; they want to be well, they want to be happy and they want to be free from suffering.

Just like you.


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I have a metaphysical team? Whaaaaat?

Like many of you, the last few weeks for me as been challenging.

I have found myself revisiting questions that I thought I had answered already:

What am I doing?

Why am I doing it?

What on earth am I supposed to do right now?

And I realized (again), as I swirled in a state of self-inflicted anxiety, that I was a control freak.

My pattern is to try as hard as possible to control the result of any and every action.

This pattern is tough nut to crack, I tell ya.

Here is an example:

I just purchased a house. The last 2 months have been a fire-storm of renovations and legal issues. I have my dream house!!! Yay! And I can't move into it yet. Boo.

So, in addition to having two businesses to run, and three kids to care for (and a dog), most of my headspace has been occupied with this house.

This is where I am. My present moment. My reality.

And everything was going okay(ish) until I realized that I needed to take $5,000 from my line of credit to cover operating expenses for my business.


That hasn't happened in over a year.

So what did I do? My mind went into problem solving mode. Let's have a sale! Let's do a, b or c to drive cash sales!!

Let's do it NOW!

(It should be noted that there is nothing wrong with problem solving mode, per se; but it is really key to be aware of the mindset you are operating from when seeking to solve a problem.)

I was not in a state of love. I was in a state of fear.

I was taking action (having a sale) for fear that I would not have enough cash to cover my month.

This was not inspired action. Action from a place of excitement and potential. This was me pushing and pushing to get a result.

This was not trusting.

This was not allowing.

This was not flowing.

So I stopped.

When I realized where this action was coming from (fear), I let the plan go. I took a breath and looked carefully at my numbers.

I looked at the reality of where I was and what I could reasonably expect based upon historical evidence. I realized I did not need a sale.

It was tight but it wasn't dire. Mind mind was making it dire. This was just a dip. Dips aren't dire.

So then what?

I double-downed on my love and trust.

And my business coach gave me an amazing reminder:

I have systems and processes in place that work. I have a physical team of employees that work for me and do an amazing job.

I also have a metaphysical team that I have not been using (whaaaaaaaat?)

What does that mean? Who are these spiritual advisors? 

They are here to help me surrender.  

They help me to place my trust in the Divine.  My mind likes to take action; so in order to satisfy that need and so cultivate trust and surrender; I call upon my Angel Team.  

For my metaphysical marketing director: Please find my ideal clients and make them aware of me and my services. I have the ability to be of service and help solve real problems for entrepreneurs. Help the right people find me so I can do that!

For my metaphysical sales team: Please help close sales around coaching and memberships.

For my metaphysical finance team: Please help to create a seamless flow of cash in and cash out the door. Help for the incoming cash to exceed the outgoing cash for greater ease for all involved.

And please give me a JOLT of inspiration when action on my part is called for (like I'm having right now, writing this to you).

Make it be obvious.

You see my friends, you can be physical and metaphysical. You can be grounded and angelic. You can be spiritual and ambitious. You can be a numbers geek and say things like “vibration” and “flow” and “God”.

You can be all of it.

We can, and should, connect ourselves with the “seen” and the “unseen”. The “seen” is only a small part of the equation. It is the “unseen” that holds the real power.

What is the “unseen”? Your intuition. Your heart. Your soul. Your Essence. Whatever you choose to call it.

You know what I mean.

And it is to this Essence within me, I surrender.

Because, I can only do so much. And if I try to do it all; I'm anxious and unhappy.

And if I am projecting anxiety, I will experience lots to be anxious about.

If I am projecting trust and ease, I will experience lots to be trusting and easeful about.

So coming back to the big question:

What on earth am I supposed to do now?

Since what is in front of me is stuff to do with my house: I'll do that.

I will do what is RIGHT in front of me. And I will do that with full heart.

What about everything else?

I'm giving that to my team. Physical and metaphysical.

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Tolerable Discomfort

In the physical practice of yoga, you might have heard the instruction “lean into the discomfort.” It is a simple, yet powerful suggestion that explores our capacity to test our limits.

The idea is, if we can tolerate being uncomfortable physically, then emotional and psychological discomfort will be more bearable.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. You see, my eight year old foster daughter's mother died after a 10 month battle with cancer. She was 34.

The families story is sad, tragic even. But my foster daughter has been in my home for more than 3 years. She has healed from PTSD, among other things. She is a happy and loving member of our family.

And my sweet, happy girl lost her mother. For the sake of this story, we'll call my foster daughter “A”.

The day before traveling to Florida to attend the funeral, A's therapist suggested that I help her stay within “tolerable discomfort”.

So this became my mantra.

When we arrived at the funeral home and were confronted with family she did not recognize (but they recognized her), she demanded to leave.

Then my mantra became a question.

What is tolerable discomfort?

When asked to participate in a traditional Chinese ceremony, my foster daughter clung to my arm and hid behind me, whimpering and whining.

What is tolerable discomfort?

When asked to enter the room and bow at her mother's open casket, she stood wide-eyed and demanded to know why her mother looked so different, again, asking to leave and pulling me out the door.

What is tolerable discomfort?

When asked to observe the burial ceremony, she again demanded to leave. This time with volume. This time in a dramatic expression of raw anger and grief and sadness and frustration.

From the front seat of the car (where we watched the burial), she screamed at me for “making her go to the funeral”. She kicked the console and yelled some more. She buried her head in her hands and cried. Hard.

I sat silently with my hand on her belly and I held the space for her grief.

Because what is tolerable when your mother dies?

What ends up being intolerable, in the long run, is not feeling the feelings.

A was given the opportunity to feel her feelings. All of them.

She was not protected from her grief, because her grief was valid.

She was not told to calm her anger or lower her voice.

She was not allowed to leave.

(Nobody wants to be at funerals, I assured her. Nobody.)

She was asked to have the experience, whatever that was for her.

To look it in the eye, and be uncomfortable, to be sad, mad, frustrated and whatever else.

Because only when we truly experience what life is offering RIGHT NOW can we feel true joy and happiness.

I wish that for her with all my heart.


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Brown People are Beautiful, Mommy

“Brown people are beautiful, mommy.” This was my 5 year old daughter's response when I asked her why she painted her face with my contour kit make-up.

“Yes, they are. And so are peach people and tan people and all people. All people are beautiful.”

My dear community, this is important. An important question needs to be discussed. Why do people continue to kill each other on our planet?



Anger, hatred, bigotry, racism – they are all faces of fear.

Do you know what else?

It's taught. Fear is a learned response. We don't come into this world fearing and hating. We come ready to love and be loved.

And then life unfolds before us and many respond with fear. Many learn fear from their parents because their parents learned it from theirs..and so on and so one.

Fear. False evidence appearing real (I didn't make that one up).

Fear prevents us from seeing humanity in others. Fear blinds us to the reality of the Oneness of all life.

So here many of us are. Sitting here and watching horrific things happen over there.

How do we not feel powerless? How can we make it stop?

I could give you the uber spiritual answer – LOVE and prayer and seeing the oneness of all. And that is true and that is the starting point for sure.

Mother Theresa said “prayer without action is no prayer at all”. Prayer is not enough. Prayer without action are just thoughts in the wind.

Do you know what I think inspires action?

My answer may surprise you (life is a paradox, after all).



Let your knowledge that we are all ONE and your fear that this insanity will continue, drive your action.

Consciously directed anger can fuel the fire for change.

Do not remain silent when you see bigotry and racism in your community.

Do not support, with your dollars, businesses and organizations that are part of the problem.

Be VERY aware of who you are voting into office on a local level.

Volunteer for causes that promote peace and equality.

Teach your children compassion and empathy and gratitude.

Donate money, donate time, get involved.

Be the change you want to see in the world.


It starts with us. We create change by the decisions we make every single day. By how we live our lives, how we spend our money and how we raise our families.

So pray. Pray for peace. Pray for love to rule the world. Pray for health and prosperity and freedom for all.

Then, in big and in small ways, whatever you can do...go out in the world and help make it happen.



You are love incarnate. WE are love incarnate.

So let's shine.



Alyssa SnowComment
The Faces of Fear

When children learn mindfulness in the school setting, one of the practices that they learn is something called “friendly wishes”. It is similar to a Buddhist Meta meditation – but for kids. It could go something like this: “I wish all my friends are happy. I wish my friends have a great day. I wish my friends have all their dreams come true!” Meditations like this are meant to help students learn compassion.

When we learn this as children, children grow up to be compassionate adults. Compassionate adults are more inclined towards the spirit of inclusion rather than exclusion.

Inclusion vs. exclusion. It's a big topic in the world. We have presidential candidates wanting to build walls. People wanting to keep other people out of bathrooms. And now, Britain voting to leave the EU...why? A few reasons but mostly because they wanted to control their borders and the flow of immigrants into the country.

You could look at all of this and be sad and scared for the world.


You could look at this and see the uncomfortable and rapidly changing consciousness of the planet.

Think about transformation. Personal transformation is messy. Fear is usually the dominant experience. Fear that we have done the wrong thing. Fear that we are heading in the wrong direction. Fear that we have missed some big opportunity. Fear that we aren't good enough. Fear has many faces.

One of it's faces is exclusion. And we are seeing now, on a global level, fear. Fear coming to the surface and showing it's ugly face of racism and bigotry and ignorance. Fear, maybe changing policy for a little while just to show, once and for all, that is not the road to peace and prosperity for all.

I believe that we are purging our world of fear. Whether this takes 20 years or 200 years, I have no idea. But its coming to the surface to experience and release as not useful.

When I teach yoga to Lily's class, a group of 20 5 year old's, I am reminded that children naturally gravitate towards inclusion. They LOVE friendly wishes. And the more we can cultivate this in our children now – the greater the probability of generation of adults who are grounded in compassion and love. Who don't see race or color or gender. Just humanity. Just love.

Then the magic unfolds. Then the experience of prosperity and equality and peace spreads through the world. It will happen. But we have to plant the seeds now. With our children.

Live in peace. Teach peace.

May all beings be happy. All beings. Whether big or small. Near or far. Seen or unseen. May all beings be happy. May all beings be well. May all beings be free.

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Loving Communication

I've been thinking a lot this week about communication.

And so I'm reminded of a Buddhist teaching on speaking:

It is spoken at the right time. It is spoken in truth. It is spoken affectionately. It is spoken beneficially. It is spoken with a mind of good-will.

Is it timely? Is what you want to say relevant to what is happening now?

Is it true? Is what I am about to say true? Am I coming from a place of fact or opinion? Am I speaking from integrity and grace?

Is it kind? This is the foundation of all communication. If its unkind then it simply should not be said. Ever.

Is it necessary? We don't have to say everything in our minds. Let us say what is beneficial. What is of use.

So, always we pause. We pause to feel a pose in our bodies. We pause to assess our breath. We pause to feel and observe.

And the same should be done with speaking. Pause before you speak. Pause and ask yourself these questions: Is what I am going to say timely? Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? When we take the time to do this; our relationships flourish. They are intimate and loving. We open the door for deeper experiences within us and with others.

The opposite is also true. When we speak unkind, untruths that serve no-one, we diminish our selves and our relationship with others. We burn bridges.  We have regrets.

My teacher Selina said it beautifully "Kindness is the base. Knowing your boundaries builds the support beams, moving forward from the intuitive, not the brain or history builds the relationships that build the business."

Let us all evolve consciously as a race and as a community. Whether we are discussing politics, religion or just relating (or disagreeing!) with our friends and our co-workers.

Let peace begin with us.

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The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Yesterday was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. However, unlike Alexander from the children's book I'm stealing the phrase from, nothing really went wrong.

In fact, everything was fine.

Except in my head. In my head, things were a freaking disaster.

(And by the way, for those of you with competitive and high achieving natures, don't look at Gwyneth Paltrow's Instagram account when you are feeling confused about your next steps. It's the portal to misery.)

In fact, when you are feeling confused about your next steps – close the computer, turn off the phone and do not, I repeat, DO NOT go on social media.

Because on social media – everyone is super successful, they have very well behaved and perfectly clean children, their coaching business is earning $20,000+ a month (while they work part time!!), they have perfect lives filled with happiness and joy and free time to take vacations on the beach and take pictures of their feet and post them on Facebook.

My reality is different.

  • I gained back 5 of the 17lbs I recently lost.

  • There are mice in my kitchen. 

  • I yelled at my kids two mornings in a row (probably more).

  • They yelled back at me and gave me the stink eye.

  • I have more dirty clothes than clean clothes.

  • My children's room looks like a hurricane hit it.

  • So does my room.

  • There is toothpaste all over the bathroom mirror that has been there for three days.

  • The girl's summer camp costs almost as much as going to DisneyWorld twice in one year – which is why we haven't gone to DisneyWorld at all.

And when I shared an idea with one of my entrepreneur sisters about a coaching program I was thinking of offering; she suggested I check out a well known coach's site, as she did something similar.

I did and there she was, looking perfectly perfect standing with Oprah.

So yesterday I took two (yes two) 2 hour naps. And I cried. A lot.

We all have days like this but we never talk about them, do we?

I'm here to tell you that I teach the power of gratitude. I teach about slowing down and Being more than Doing. I teach following joy rather than following money.

I'm here to tell you I got sucked down the rabbit hole of comparison and not-enoughism and I kicked my own ass for an entire day.

I felt like shit for no real reason other than I was comparing my real life to illusions.

I was in my mind and my mind was telling me all the things I SHOULD be doing to achieve these “illusions”. My mind was comparing my inner world to other's outer world.  

Even though I knew all that it STILL overwhelmed me. It exhausted me. Freaked me the F*&k out.

And then my Soul said STOP.

My Soul said to me:

This is the time for silence and learning to listen. You need to hear. You cannot hear from this constant state of doing. Your impulse to DO is driven your material desires and the illusion of lack.

Wow. My impulse to do is driven by my material desires and the illusion that I lack. Ya know, the Soul doesn't mince words. The Soul doesn't pussyfoot around. The Soul tells it like it is.

I stepped out of doing for the sake of creativity and joy. I became results oriented. Goal oriented. (That is how my mind operates and it is effort to change that pattern even though I'm aware of it.)

And when I was focused on results, it became very easy for me to compare my results (or lack thereof) with others. My achievements compared to others. My successes. My life. It is a rabbit hole because I've got that over-achieving-not good-enough-until-I'm-Oprah problem.

And this problem is draining. It drains me of faith and inspiration. It tries to convince me I'm not good enough and gets my mind to generate all these thoughts that both create the problem and attempt to solve the problem.  

So I get caught up in the swirl of thoughts and I do not lean on my Soul.

I forget that inspiration for my next step always stems from silence. From receiving rather than trying to force doors open.

I talk about this and teach this a lot because it is a lesson that I myself work on every single day.

Clarity comes from silence. From relaxing and receiving.

The biggest irony of my life is that I'm a yoga and spiritual teacher who has a really hard time relaxing.

And giving herself a break.

So silence for me is key. Softening into what is, especially when I find myself envious of what isn't.

And, i'm told, taking a nap is a good thing. I'm going to do that more.

Easeful Productivity: The Intersection of Doing and Being

Running a business requires focus and hard work. It also requires inspiration and creativity.

These two qualities of our human experience come from different places.

Our minds are our tools. When they are sharp and honed, our experience is that of focus and clarity. We can execute our plans and visions methodically and with relative ease.

Our minds are problem solvers but they do not generate ideas.

Ideas and inspiration swell up from the space in between the thinking. Where are soul speaks to us. When we give ourselves the opportunity to stop working and problem solving – we create a space within us for ideas to come forth. To hear the language of our soul.

This is why it is so important to master when to BE and when to DO.

This is conscious entrepreneurship. This is conscious living.

The longer I progress on the entrepreneurial path, the more I realize that creating space in my day for me to be in silence, or loafing around, or doing yoga, or running on the elliptical is vital to an ease-fully productive experience.

It's useful to illustrate what an ease-fully productive experience is by painting a picture of what it's not.

Have you ever noticed that more busy you are the busier you get?

This is the mind in charge (in the driver's seat) and not the Soul.

The mind, being a great tool, loves to be in charge. Loves to get shit done. Loves to solve problems.

Lets face it – the mind loves to create problems to solve!

So we get consumed with our “very important” to do list. The fear around not getting it all done is quite real as the mind generates thoughts that tell us of all the disastrous consequences that will occur if we stop doing. If we DROP THE BALL.

The thinking mind is like a helicopter parent. Well meaning but really problematic.

A friend of mine, a wise and soulful business coach recently advised her very busy client to clear her schedule for two days in a row. Within the next 14 days. No to-do lists, no taking care of others. NOTHING.

Take a moment and ask yourself – how can I take two days off in a row and be by myself. Watch how the mind reacts. You can't do that! Who will watch the kids? Who will see the clients? Who will feed the dog? What about all the responsibilities? The mind doesn't want a vacation! It likes it's position in the driver's seat.

I used to be that person.

Two years ago I was in the thick of it – running the yoga studio, being a mom and a wife. Managing the studio and my family calendar (which often felt like a full time job in and of itself).

I was in a constant state of doing.

And it never, ever got all done.

I'd wake up with my feet hitting the ground running. Check email. Make breakfast. Organize day's priorities. Take kids to school. DO days priorities...check...check...check...home, dinner, kids to bed and then, finally, I would meditate for 30-40 minutes and then fall asleep.

I thought – this is how you do it, man! I'm getting so much accomplished!!!!

Yet my sleep sucked. I gained weight. I experienced a boat load of anxiety. I was productive for sure. But not anywhere close to easeful.

Then my Spiritual Teacher Selina challenged me to take 5 minutes several times a day to “just be”. (She didn't even ask two days).

I tried it and it was uncomfortable. Physically and psychologically.

I would just lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling (my instructions) and my mind would pump out a continuous dialogue about what I should be doing.

Sigh. I came face to face with the source of my anxiety. My own freaking mind.

And like anything, it took practice. A lot of it.

I practiced and I began to weave being and doing into the fabric of my day.

How? What does that even mean?

When I was not engaging the tool of my mind; I was watching my breath.

I was controlling my breath.

My breath was an anchor to Being.

If I noticed my thinking trying to solve a problem that had nothing to do with my moment right then and there (like when walking down the street, in the subway, in a car, washing dishes, making dinner), I told myself the BEST thing I could be doing for myself was to simply watch my breath.

How fucking liberating!!!!! The BEST thing I could do for myself is to simply watch my breath.

That uncomplicated things fast. And lets the Soul take the driver's seat.

And what was my experience then? Here are some words that describe it:

Ease. Flow. Inspiration. Purpose. Joy.

So here is the paradox. The less we DO the more we truly accomplish. And our accomplishments are more soulful, and more in line with what we feel is our purpose in this world.

And because they are in line with our Soul – we are in the flow of our lives. The next step is always obvious – we don't wonder or second guess. Opportunities present themselves. Ideas and inspiration are everywhere (so much we need to be discerning as to what ideas are useful to make manifest).

In the expansive state of the Soul, anything is possible.

So remember; in your state of frenzy and busy. The BEST thing you can do for yourself is watch your breath.

So start practicing. Right. Now.


Alyssa SnowComment
Sharpening Your Tools

I speak a lot about self care. I think I'm so passionate about it because I know from experience what life feels like when I don't take care of my body and my mind.

When I get into a state where i'm too busy to exercise or too tired to meditate or too rushed or hungry to eat well.

It is very easy to get into that place. In fact, I still have to fight the busy back all the time. My mind will say “ oh look at that to-do list! You should skip the gym today and make sure you get it all done”.

Because the world will fall apart if my list doesn't get done. Hm. Another instance where my mind is wrong.

You see, I am a tool. I am a tool that does God's work. And because God works through people, I believe we are ALL doing God's work. I (and you) cannot be effective tools if we are not maintained and sharp.

Ever try to work with a rusty or a dull tool?

It doesn't work and neither to we when we don't take care of ourselves.

Many years ago – when I was single and working in a hefty paying job – self-care came easily. Yoga felt good, time was abundant and it did not feel like a sacrifice to take time to do things for me.

Flash forward 10 years.

I married, grew my family with three daughters, grew my business and learned that you really can get knocked over by the tidal wave of all you ever dreamed of.

Suddenly going to yoga class felt wrong when I had a baby at home.

Taking time for me felt selfish when I was already working 7 days a week.

Meditating took more effort than sleep.

And little by little, I unraveled. And because I'm professional – I saved my sharpest and best self for business (and that wasn't always so sharp or best).

My family got the brunt of my dull blade.

They got moody Alyssa.

Emotional Alyssa.

Depressed Alyssa

Snappy Alyssa.

Yelling Alyssa.

Always Fucking Tired Alyssa.

And then one day it hit me – I was literally surrounded by my dream life and I felt no joy.

Joy left the building.

That awareness was a trigger for me. My lack of joy triggered the beginning of a transformation within me.

Transformation is a process not an event. My transformation took a good two years. Two years to change the pattern of putting myself last.

It took a lot of loving reminders and help from my husband.

It took discipline and constantly making new choices.

It took self love (a lot of that) and constant reminders that if I was happy, my family was happier.

It took an awareness that nothing would fall apart if I took 2 hours a day for myself (remember it took me two years to get this this point).

In fact, what I discovered was not only did things not fall apart – they actually thrived.

My outer world began to reflect my innter world.

I felt joy again and further – joyous, inspiring and exciting things began to happen.

You see, my tool is my mind. When my nervous system is not operating due to lack of movement, silence and stress – my mind is cluttered and anxious.

The body wants and needs to move.

When the body is sufficiently moved -there are less aches and pains, less distracting sensations.

And the mind can become more quiet.

More clear. Sharp.

And in that state: joy is the underlying vibration. Anything is possible.

And because our children learn from our actions not our words; I will be teaching my daughters what it looks like when a woman loves herself, takes care of her body and her mind and is the master of her mindset and her experience in life.



Love and Fear

I give a lot of attention to my personal mindset. My mindset dictates my experience in life and I want to have a good experience – so keeping my mind in check is a priority.

I've realized that there are two energies that steer my mindset. Love and fear.

Being in the energy of love is being in flow of life. We trust that everything is as it should be. We see the beauty in every situation.

When things are going smoothly – it is easy to approach the day in a space of love and trust. I mean, when things are going smoothly, whats not to love?

What happens when things don't go smoothly? When we don't get what we want when we want it? When things are hard?

In those times fear likes to get in the driver's seat and take control.

Fear is the absence of love. It shows us lack and limitation. It shows us all the things that can go wrong.

When fear is in the drivers seat of generating thoughts – our thoughts are those of lack and potential disasters. Our thoughts are anxious and negative.

And that does not lead to a good experience of life.

But what do we do? Shit happens. Not everything goes smoothy all the time because sometimes life is messy.

When things get messy I take that as an opportunity to double down on love and trust. I mean double down because it takes effort and attention. And surrender.

Case in point: We are trying to buy a house. It is a big deal for our family and we have been looking for a while. In the beginning of March we found the PERFECT house. Perfect in every single way. We fell in love, made an offer and the offer was accepted. We shook on it.

And 30 days later we still have no contract. We are unsure if the deal will happen. And while I'm sure we will find out one way or another soon – the few days of not knowing are stressful.

And fear is telling me to call the guy off the hook. Fear is telling me to FIND OUT RIGHT NOW WHAT IS GOING ON. Fear is telling me not to be patient. Fear is telling me how its all going to go wrong and I'm not getting my dream house. Fear tells me I'll never get my dream house.  Fear tells me I will forever have to share one bathroom with three daughters.

Fear is such a freaking bitch.

I'm experiencing with fear right now as I write this. I'm breathing into it, softening my shoulders and feeling it. Getting out of my head because my thoughts are not helpful (and they aren't true) and feeling it. Feeling the discomfort of my nervous belly. Feeling the tightness of my head and eyes. Feeling the shortness of my breath and the constriction of my heart.

Feeling it. The fear. Because if I deny fear she just gets louder. If I let her move through me she moves on. And then LOVE fills the space.

When love is in the space I have gratitude for everything I have right now. My beautiful, messy apartment that I gave birth to my daughter in. Our new puppy who we adopted from a rescue and are now realizing that she is probably half mastiff. My loving gorgeous husband whose priority is to make his family happy. My beautiful girls who bring joy and drama to me every day. My many, many friends who are always just a phone call or a glass of wine away. There is so much to be grateful for.

So it becomes a shift in what I focus on. Just writing that brief paragraph my breath got longer, my belly calmed and my heart softened.

Love pervades our being; fear is like an outer shell that can feel hard to penetrate. Gratitude is the force that dissolves that shell and lets Love shine.

So today – while I sit in in my unknowing about this house. I'll feel that fear if she shows up but I'll focus my mind on all the things I have to be grateful for.

And I'll let love take over.


Alyssa Snow Comments
Igniting the Fire Within

January is fascinating to me. Both personally and professionally.

For most of us, November and December are about over-indulging...and it's FUN! Parties, friends, family, sweets, wines, more parties, more friends, more family, more sweets, more wine. I had a pretty good time for myself at the end of 2015.

And then (how does this work, exactly?), I woke up January 1st (well, not really), encased in a layer of marshmallow. All of sudden (or so it would seem), my strong, muscular body had a layer of padding all over it.

Enter the New Year's Resolution.

It is so cliché, but so real. I'm seeing it everywhere. Half of my Facebook friends are on diets, new students and attendance are peaking at the studio. I even joined Planet Fitness.

We all want to feel good. We want to feel healthy and at our ideal weight. We want calmness in our minds and strength and flexibility in our bodies. We want to be our best selves (thanks for the term, Oprah). We want all of these things. We do.

And we get there and then we aren't there. And then we are there, and then not. We have a tendency to wax and wane when it comes to committing to ourselves.


I was on the treadmill this morning (welcome to my new year's resolution) and I had just begun to run. I started off well enough and then after a little while, I started feeling tired. My feet were aching. My legs sore, my mind was offering me all sorts of reasons that it would be totally acceptable to go and get a coffee immediately.

Enter will. The magical fire of will.

Instead of getting that coffee right then and there, I dug in. I turned UP the speed and went faster. I ignored those thoughts and kept going. And do you know what? The run started to get easier. I got lighter on my feet. My body quieted down (and so did my mind) and I felt sustained for the longer term.

This is the key to creating new habits and patterns for ourselves. Creating new patterns is difficult and often the hardest part is getting started – so we must invoke our will. Ignite our personal fire. Our inner Super Hero.


Fire is the key to transformation and igniting our personal fire takes work. Rubbing two sticks together to create a fire takes effort. A lot of effort, actually. But once that fire is created, it just needs to be fed and maintained.

How do we feed and maintain our personal fire? Our choices. We choose to continue to go to yoga class. We choose to get on that treadmill. We choose to do things for ourselves that we know make us feel good, healthy and happy. The more we make these choices the easier it becomes because they become our new patterns and habits.

This is what I mean by fire is the key to our transformation. Fire is the key to making and keeping new habits. Our will is that fire.

Let us not forget something really important. We have to like what we are doing. I love yoga so I keep doing it. I like running but I LOVE that light feeling after 15 minutes of heaviness so I keep going to get there.

In every moment we have a choice. The more we choose actions that we know lead us in the direction of how we want to feel; the more we feel committed to ourselves. And when we feel committed to ourselves, our self-confidence blossoms.

A healthy, happy, self-confident person is a POWERFUL person.

So it begins with will and effort. Will to get off the couch and go to yoga. Effort to keep running. Will and effort are the starting point and they ignite the fire that transforms out habits.

And then our choices sustain it. Less effort is required. Less will.

We are not looking to have power over ourselves, or anyone else. We are looking to create a power to be in alignment with our selves and our lives.

Ultimately, the less effort that takes, the more powerful you have become.

And then you are your own Super Hero.


Alyssa SnowComment
Savoring Life and the Gift of Sisterhood

 So you may have noticed, if you read this blog, I am woman entrepreneur. I wasn't always. I used to be a corporate girl. Finance and operations. But then with all the yoga I was doing I started to ask myself “what am I doing with my time?, what do I really want to contribute to this world”. I was so idealistic! I wanted to create a yoga studio with really affordable classes, jobs for teaches and healers, and a living for myself.

What I learned is that it was really, freaking hard. You know what else I learned? That running your own business brings up your STUFF. Have issues with self-worth? Gotta deal with that. Issues with perfectionism and control – totally gotta look at that. Issues with money and valuing yourself? Yeah- got to look at that too. Over time, the act of running my business became, and still is, fertile ground for my personal and spiritual growth. Once I figured that out – it was like the heaven's opened up for me. (in a good way.). Opportunities, people and ideas came flooding into my life that made the process of running the studio more easeful.

One of those was Savor the Success. An amazing community of high-caliber women who support one another in business and in life. I applied to be in a Savor Circle – which is an accountability and support circle (its lonely being an entrepreneur!). I have met amazing friends -that I know will be friends for life. And whats better – i've gotten better at business. Better at balancing business and my family. Better at taking care of myself and following my own advice. I've been a member for two years and I can honestly say it dramatically changed my experience with my business. PLUS I'm having fun with this amazing sisterhood of movers and shakers.

Why am I writing a blog about this? Because I KNOW there are self-employed and entrepreneur women in MindBodySoul Yoga Community. I want to know you and I want to support you. And I would love to introduce you to this Savor Community that has been such a blessing in my life.

Sound interesting to you?

Here’s a quick 101 on the powerhouse Savor Circles program:

  • Up to 6 women are matched according to business chemistry-- they hold each other accountable to achieve 90-Day Visions
  • Weekly accountability via virtual Monday and Friday check-ins with inspirational and motivational messages by Savor lifestyle brand founder Angela Jia Kim
  • Two mastermind calls per month with your Circle, your Board of Trusted Advisors -- PLUS 2 laser-focused partner calls per month
  • Each Circle is led by a President like me, who is an experienced Success Circle member and is mentored by Angela in the Presidents’ Circle (you can apply to become a President once you’ve been in Circles at least 2 rounds)

The next round begins Monday, February 2nd!

These Savor sisters will become your friends, connectors, accountability partners and collaborators, for life. Seriously, it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. As a President, I get to invite other amazing women into Circles. If you decide to apply to Savor Circles through my partner link, please make sure to introduce yourself to me so I can help you by making introductions or answering any questions!

Full disclosure: as a Savor President, I do receive a commission, which I use for my Savor Life fund--a fund specifically designed for self-care-- if you enroll through my link and are accepted into a Circle. Yes, I get paid to mastermind, to learn, to connect… and if you’re interested in learning how you can, too, just get in touch with me at

Either way - reach out.  I love supporting women - with spiritual growth, business, growth, personal growth.  All of it.  Let us uplift each other and have a great time doing it.

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